first yoga session will be today

So we finally did it! We signed up for 10 yoga sessions (that will cover us for 2 months!) and today will be our first. Luq is undermining the after-yoga effect thinking it will be a piece of cake. Oh man, can’t wait to see the look on his face after 1 hour – it will backfire if he looks pretty fine.

More updates about our first session later. Hopefully we will still be able to walk normally after that! It’s been about 2 years since I went for yoga – I’m looking forward to that deep sleep that I’ve been yearning!

(just need to rant for a bit here about work)

It’s not working out. By that I mean I can’t go on any longer. I’ve been actively pursuing for new opportunities and at one time, interviews were flying from everywhere. Got interviewed at Twitter and managed to get to my 6th round but, they went ahead with another candidate – it could have been great. While waiting for Twitter’s reply, I turned down a job offer which I’m hoping that I will get it now.

Or, I’ll just quit after I save up enough for the wedding and clear my credit debt which can be done by end of the year – but that’s my last resort, really. Job security is everything in here.

Hopefully someone will invite me to be a CEO of a company or something… make it soon, please.


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