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About a month ago, Luq met with a bike accident. Thankfully, he has recovered and not riding anymore. I’m okay with him riding, although I was always a little worried whenever he rode late night. I wouldn’t be able to sleep until he reached home. And whenever I rode with him, I would squeeze/pinch his sides if he was speeding (but he was at 80km/h lol) or riding right next to a big vehicle on the road.

The morning of his accident, I was rushed to the hospital for my grandpops. So while I was just cooling down from the morning pandemonium, I got a text from Luq saying he was in an ambulance because he met with an accident. Took me a while to register what I just read… not exactly a morning person to begin with. So I asked him pretty standard questions while keeping myself really calm. The fact that he was able to type comforted me at that moment.

My uncle drove me to NUH from TTSH. I didn’t know how to feel about that Thursday morning. So I just kept praying for everything to be better soon.

I arrived at the hospital and went straight to the consultation room. Feeling a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. He was still bleeding in his middle finger when I first saw him. While the doctor was checking up on him, I just sat quietly by his side. As soon as we left the consultation room, we sat down while waiting for his x-ray. I started crying and at that moment, I learnt that to love someone, you always have something to lose. It was pretty scary.

But, I’m very thankful that he’s still alive and well. Alhamdulillah 🙂

Just yesterday we received some news about his bike. Our claim was declined because they were convinced that Luq was overtaking from the right side. It was pretty stressful to hear this news because it meant we need to pay for bike repair before selling it. And this falls under incidental cost which we didn’t quite prepare for. Luq called the traffic police to check on the status of the accident. So he didn’t get any summon or points, just a warning letter. Apparently, the driver claimed that he did signal right before turning when Luq reported otherwise which was why he thought it was a clear for him to ride on the right side- duh. Moreover, the single lane was broad and if he had the intention to turn right, his car would have inched closer to the right, and not the center of the road.

Naturally, I got mad hearing what dick claim he made. I know my partner, he’s a very honest man and it was entirely unjustifiable for him to get nothing out of this. It was hard trying to be patient with assholes but, I decided to let that go and just deal with the problem as it is.

Just a note to road users out there, insurance is vital- get the premium coverage if you can afford it. Sometimes we can’t control everything in life and we always need to come prepared. Also, while you’re defending for yourself, please learn a little bit of integrity- it goes a long way.

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