fascinator vs veil

I have been deliberating between these two options for my wedding. I didn’t know the existence of fascinators (let alone its name) until Amp’s wedding. It looked so pretty on her that I instantly sent an image of her to Luq – yes, all the way from Cuba where 3G (not even 4G) is scarce!

I want that for my wedding too.

wedding fascinator

wedding veil

So right now, my struggle is real! I’ve never taken a big liking towards veils. It appears too girl-ish on me. And looking demure isn’t exactly my ideal look either. I feel like I’m cheating on own personality if I wear the veil at my wedding. I asked Luq what he thinks of the veil vs fascinator. Honestly, his reply didn’t help in my decision making at all.

F: What do you think of me in this fascinator? (sent a link to show him how I want my fascinator to look like)

L: You putting that on your head? (Are you serious? Then where else would you suggest?)

F: Yeah for dinner reception. I don’t quite fancy wearing a veil.

L: You look good in both.

Hokay… uhmmm thanks I guess. After that he added on to say that the veil would look mysterious on me whereas the fascinator would look fashionable on me. Always, fashionable always. Until I find a veil that makes me what want to do the hula dance, I would stick to wearing a fascinator at my wedding.

Don’t get me wrong veils are pretty too. But I just think it would make me look short and doesn’t justify my make up artist’s effort in my hair and make up – because the veil will cover half my hair!

Anyhoos, we are down to our last 146 days to our wedding. We are taking too long a break from our wedding preps! We must start again, soon enough.

Should I panic that my wedding dresses are not ready yet? Chill, there’s a gunny sack waiting for you if need be.

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