fangirling at exo concert

Two weeks into the new year and my cats still have the same stinky attitude. Don’t get me there.


This year I am going to make it a year of change. Sounding like Mark Zuckerberg already. Somehow I had no problems parting with $300 to pay for EXO concert tickets. I’m not a crazy fan. Sure I listen to them thanks to my sister who manages my playlist – what choice do I have, really? – but deciding to go for their concert was another story altogether. If you were to ask me to go last year, I would give you a big fat NO! But this year is different so instead of convincing Trisyia not to go for the concert, I found myself joining the queue outside Indoor Stadium last week.


Decked up for the concert. I say E-X you say O. E-X-O! E-X-O!

I borrowed an EXO tee-shirt from Trisyia just ‘cos I wanted to fit in – don’t judge I’m sure you wore Backstreets’ Boys fan tee before! You know I thought I was cool to be wearing the tee-shirt but, but, of course there were crazier fans out there – some even wore headbands with lights which Trisyia had. WIN. I was trying my hardest not to say the things I wanted to say to her. I heard the concert torch (I know right … like whut!) was selling at $50 each! In my head, I was like, “HOW DID YOU KIDS EVEN AFFORD THAT?”. I would think ten times before buying something that is worth $30 today. #iamanadultnowthankyou


The headband with lights that Trisyia proudly own. Not gonna say anything.

All in all, the concert experience was great – there was some explosive actions too… literally. My back was breaking by the end of it. I literally stood at the back, away from the jumping crowd to do some light stretching – don’t mind me. And while I was stretching, I caught a glimpse of my sister still shouting excitedly to her #baebutnotbae. How did she even find the energy? I concluded that the next concert that I am going for, I will be sitting down. What a boring old hag I am becoming!

Now I am $300 poorer, still unsure if it was worth my penny – anything for my sister, it seemed.

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