don’t forget to remember

I’m enjoying what’s left of Sunday. Masking my face with turmeric as I type (and while waiting for my laundry in the wash). I had a great weekend with a much needed catch up with my favourite girls (plus baby Sebi) and quality time with my man. I’m going to make a point to spend more time with my family next week!

Not sure if you’ve heard of the new game show, Don’t Forget to Remember that is going to be aired on Channel 5 soon. Luq first heard of this game show on radio – really shows how much time he spends driving these days. So we decided to be funny and sent in our application. We had to answer some short questions and shoot a short video to show our personalities. I know, we’re so random but, how do we say no to mhmmm $10,000 cash prize?

Dont forget to remember

Feeling hipster with the grunge looking background. Taken after the audition.

We got in for audition. How exciting! This was my virgin tv audition. Well Luq’s been on tv before so he didn’t share the same excitement as I did. But who cares, I’m gonna be famous… ha ha di ha ha ha. Anyway, the audition was on Saturday at 10 friggin’ am. We knew that we needed a big and good breakfast (read: prata from Spingleaf) and so we did. Headed out at 8:30 am and Luq’s already so perky. I literally told him to pipe down. Sorry, still not a morning person. I didn’t bother putting that in my new year resolutions for a reason.

There were two rounds to the audition – first was a game series and second was an interview to get to know more about us. There were 4 rounds in the game and I think we did pretty ok. Before it started, Luq had to remind me that we are a team and I’m not competing against him and yadda yadda yadda. Yes darling, we are a team I hear ya. I can confidently say that I’m pretty good at still images and audio better than videos (or anything that’s moving!). We didn’t have a strategy at first, but after the game while waiting to be called in for interview, we found ourselves the only ones strategizing. Talk about being competitive – hold up, I came here in the name of fun! Said none of us.

The interview was short and we were the first ones to be called – we concluded that we scored the highest #confidentbangla. I get really anxious talking about myself in front of the camera because honestly, I can blabber till the cows come home and people don’t really care about what you say. I often get offended when people ask me to talk about myself in less than 100 words, no you kiddin’ right? The funniest question was whether we plan to have kids in the future. Luq happily answered yes with a number 4 attached to it. FOUR. He said FOUR.

We left the building feeling great because we did something definitely different that morning. Even if we didn’t get in, I had so much fun with Luq. But, I really hope we get in because I want to win $10,000 cash prize (and be on tv).

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  • Reply N

    This is super random, but I think you have a lovely voice. Ever thought of becoming a deejay or doing voice-overs? Food for thought, since you’re unemployed at the moment (: Anyway, congrats on the upcoming wedding, wishing you and Luqman the very best! 🙂

    May 11, 2016 at 10:47 am
    • Reply fath

      Hello! That’s a first – thank you! I’ve just found a job and getting back to the grind soon. Oh hello 9-5, you’re not missed! Thank you so much for your well wishes 😜

      May 11, 2016 at 11:40 am

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