dating an engineer

Luq shared a meme with me one day – if you are dating an engineer, raise your glass, if not raise your standards. I laughed (and not the pity type of laugh).

Believe me, it can get pretty annoying when he gets all practical on me. To name one – my idea of shoe shopping which he vetoed. I really don’t mind getting cheaper alternatives for shoes from Rubi or H&M because quantity over quality. But, Luq doesn’t understand this mantra of mine. He asked before why do I need so many shoes (and cheap ones at that) when I can buy ONE expensive pair and wear it for longer. He’s totally missing the point here. There was one day we were at H&M Somerset where he put back ALL the shoes that I had painstakingly chosen from the mess.

We made a financial spreadsheet for everything – monthly expenses, wedding, honeymoon, house renovation (coming soon, I’m sure) and god knows what else. When things don’t add up, I’ll be in question. Or I’ll see him talking to himself.

Recently, it’s been about the car fuel. I get that fuel is expensive and apparently there is a method of driving that slows down the consumption of fuel. Naturally, I get antsy when he tells me to drive in a certain way while I’m driving. I’m already focusing on the road and having another thing to think about – not accelerating so much, just cruise bla bla – seems much to ask for. The problem here is the boy knows too much and he’s obviously cramping my style. He’s built a car from scratch before back in university so he’s all-knowing about how I should drive the car. Bloody concept of fuel combustion. This happened yesterday after dinner and I had half a mind of just stopping the car mid-way and telling him to take over the wheel. I decided against that because that seemed too dramatic.

And then there are days when I come to appreciate for what he is today – the practical better half of me. He has conditioned me so well that shopping is the very last thing on my list every day. And – against my will – I’ve become pretty picky with my shoes checking on quality and durability. Ho man, I’m becoming a man when it comes to shopping.

So date an engineer they say – in my case marry one – your life will get interesting.



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