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God knows it’s been a while. We meet up almost every day (whatever I am clingy) but it’s been pretty much touch and go (or it feels like it). We thought it would be grand to take time off from work and go on a date instead. Best employee award goes to us! As usual, we had plans to start the day early but let’s not kid ourselves. We only managed to meet for late lunch so that’s practically dinner. When it comes to food, we always have a problem. We just have no idea where to get good food around here. We’ve downloaded so many food apps (ok just Burpple) but honestly not many halal restos around here. And, we usually end up at the same places. But not last Friday – we went to Butterscotch which we went once before.

We were both so hungry by then. Luq ordered Churros to start off dinner. Oh y’know just because it’s perfectly normal to start on dessert first – I gave in to him because it was Friday and I was so hungry I could eat a cow. Our meals arrived soon after. Here’s a thing; when I am quiet while eating, it means that I am happy with my food and Luq’s all good to have his meal that he ordered. Else, we have to exchange our food because 9 out of 10 times, he picks better food than I do. I am totally dateable. So on that early dinner, we both had what we ordered – although the serving was big in my opinion.

We decided to watch Zootopia after. Usually, it would take some time for me to convince Luq that animated films are often the best kind for movie dates. But it didn’t take much that day because he’s heard from the radio (bless 98.7fm) that it was a good movie. I’m always a fan of animated films. The lines are usually very clever and meant for adults. I remember taking my nephews and niece to watch Rio 2 and I enjoyed the movie more than they did. Back to Zootopia, there was one part where Luq laughed so hard that I was embarrassed (spoiler alert: the sloths scene). We were sitting next to kids and blimey there weren’t even laughing. Kids know no humor these days.


Wefie-ing with digi cam – it’s been a while.

Oh right, before the movie we had our spine scanned and it pretty much explained why I am getting regular headaches and what not. The scan showed some misalignment in my spine and going for weekly massages doesn’t fix the problem. Because I am dating an engineer, I am conditioned to nip the problem in the bud. So yes – we signed up with Chiropractic First to get our back fixed. Excited for our first appointment.

Remember how I started reading again (why did I even stop in the first place)? I am enjoying my trips to Kino bookstore these days. Just getting my hands on a new book gives me the thrill. This time, Luq wanted to buy me a book (double yay!). While he gets his 2 hours of soccer weekly, I am getting some me-time with my book too – so it’s fair and square.

Towards the end of the night, we decided to do something different – going to a bar. I suggested Lantern @ Fullerton Bay Hotel or Level 33. We both voted for Level 33. Luq told me that the cabana cushion at Lantern is dirty and asked if I knew that. He has his ways of getting me to agree on things. So Level 33 it was. We walked into the bar and got a table. 20 minutes later (because the service was slow), we ordered Moroccan Mint tea (for moi) and oj (for him). Only we would order that at a bar. We laughed at people bending backwards to take a wefie with Singapore’s iconic skyline at the background, we played are they dating or is this a one night stand situation game. Nonetheless, it was fun being somewhere high above with the hair blowin’ situation. I had to take so many shots of Luq hanging out at his balcony before getting a non-blurry-but-still-not-perfect picture. It was the wind and camera, not me. I have to admit Luq’s a very fun person to hang out with – as long as he knows I’m cooler and funnier than he is.


This was my Moroccan Mint tea. Where’s my sugah cubes? Apparently, this is what you order at the bar when you don’t drink.


Waiting to be served… in style. NOT. I’m liking this colour block get up. It was a birthday gift from Luq. #granaworld


The hair blowin’ situation.


Hanging out at his balcony. This was the non-blurry-but-still-not-perfect picture of Luq. He wasn’t too pleased about it.


Sipping tea at Luq’s balcony. What a view!


I love you, Luq. Thanks for the fridate <3

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