It’s been a while since I’ve been here. A lot of things happened in just about 4 months. We always move on to greater things in life… and I’m glad I did. Don’t we all somehow find love in hopeless places? You have to give RiRi some credits… at times!

Here, I thought I wouldn’t be doing much travelling after my 3-month escapade. Who knew that I flew to Australia, Paris & Cuba in these 4 amazing months! I’d share some photos of my adventures in the next few posts. I’ll start with Cuba!

Where do I even begin with Cuba? Firstly, the flight on Aeroflot was horrifying. I will never fly with Aeroflot again even if it means spending some hundred odd dollars. The service was terrible and the food… oh, don’t get me started on it! I was glad I managed to come out alive after the torturous 12-hour flight from Paris to Cuba. I did a stopover in Paris to treat myself to some shopping – got my Tods wallet from the La Vallee Village shopping outlet for SGD 330 and of course, the usual shopping staple of Longchamp bags. This would be my 3rd time to Paris and I still love every bit of that romantic city.

As we know Cuba is one of the remaining Communist countries in the world. The whole country is backdated all the way to 1950s. I was so delighted to see vintage Cadillac parked by the road side! The most common phrase heard during my entire stay would be “Muy bonita chica” (pretty girl). That aside, the Cubans are absolutely wonderful beings on earth. They don’t have much (as you can see from the living conditions) but, they’re such givers. They would give their homes to you, if they could. One of the many things I adored about Cuba is the people. We did a city tour in a red Cadillac for only 30 peso- what a steal! Had some serious hair blowin’ session.

Well, the main reason I made the trip to Cuba is for Amp’s wedding. Wherever it was gonna be, I had to be at her wedding. She’s just like a sister to me although, sometimes she would ask me for money for breakfast when we worked together in the office… #sistersforevermuch. I’m glad that I made it to her wedding even though it was all the way in friggin’ Cuba (that’s a total of 60 hours up in the air!).

It was a simple wedding affair just like how we always talked about. The solemnization was at the fortress (of course, I didn’t expect anything less!) and Amps looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress! And, Gabby the beautiful flower girl was such a doll. She remembered me from her last visit to Singapore – how cute! It was my first Latin American wedding and let’s just say there were free flow of mojito, cigar and salsa! I got totally hooked on Bailando by Enrique and Arenas de Soledad by Habana Blues.

We met a very friendly cab driver who took care of us for 2 days. He drove us to all the places that we wanted to go only under 30 USD per day. Before we went on separate ways, he gave me the cd with all the Spanish songs that he played in his ride. What a gift!

All in all, Cuba was splendid and I loved that I had this trip with the best girls in my life.












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    He also gave us a keychain..

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