colour run sunday

We managed it. By that, I mean we got out of bed and made it for the run (or walk in my case).

We had plans to train up for the run but, we always came up with better things to do such as squeezing a midnight massage session before the run and many others. So on the run day itself, I was flat out like a lizard 5 minutes into the run. Homg, I used to be more athletic than this!

The sun had no mercy on us that day. I was surprised Luq managed the run. I think Keppel is training him up well on the rig. If you know my partner well, he doesn’t stay outdoors not even for 1 minute. I’ve already axed him as my sun tanning buddy. Who am I kidding, my kind of suntanning session is under a shade. So cosy!

To be very honest, the run was overrated. The colour stations were just humans spraying colours at me. I was expecting some kind of explosion of colours. I even had to strategize which person to run towards to be coloured. And the powder was absolutely salty! No wait, before you think I ate it deliberately, let me tell you, I didn’t. I was jumping up and down at the after-run party when someone poured the entire bag of coloured powder and so happened my mouth was opened.

But it was quite an experience. Wouldn’t say I would join the run again next year. That cost us $58 per person! Oh it was such a sight to see little children high-fiving the people around them. Ok, mother instincts are kicking in. So ready to make one. Lol!

PS: My tee went back to white after washing. That’s boring. People wouldn’t believe it now that I made it to the run! So here are some pictures as proof!


Before the mayhem began…


I was looking enthusiastic for the pre-run workout. This was taken 5 minutes into the workout. Still feeling ok…


So much respect for this happy unicorn. How are you still standing in that suit under this heat! Are you on some kind of mushroom case?


Mum, look at me. I’m ahead of little children! We were very proud of ourselves. Stopped by at one station to grab a free instant photo of us. Anything to just stop running for a while.


A happy and colorful goober! You made it too!


This is how you club guys. God I don’t have anymore creative moves. This is my pre-bali moment. Oh yes, going to Bali in Oct!


5K felt like 10K. Glad to have this run with my man who carried my camera all the way! Love you!


Next run? Yeah, POSB Kids Run with Daqi. Chill only 3.5K.

I’m still recovering from this run. Lol, joking!

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