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December is everyone’s favourite month especially for me. But yesterday got Luq saying, “I need December to end faster”. You have the permission to punch him in his face. I declared the whole of December my month because well, it’s my birthday month and I am allowed to ask anything and everything under the sun. Kidding, or am I? 

Been having non full work week this month. It’s either I’ve managed my leave well this year or the company has been generous. Whatever it is, I am not complaining. Taking off this Thursday just ‘cos I can!

Celebrated Christmas with my family (it was indeed a family weekend I had). The day started out lazy in Trisyia’s bed. Her bed grew arms that hugged me tight and never let me wake up. In Malay, I would say, “This is bed is such a setan (devil).” Since she has been away for most of December, she owed me home cooked breakfast – her trusty french toast with hot milo. I totally deserved that. Totally. 


In bed with Patchie (Trisyia’s cat) on a rainy Christmas afternoon.

After which we went to the doc because she was bitten by sand flies at Pulau Hantu (Ghost Island) for leadership training. Later, we took the bus to Lot 1 to buy my dailies. On our way there, we passed by Luq’s house. I got a bit excited – no I don’t need any reason for this, I just got excited. It was fun just having some downtime with my sister. She’s uhmm, pretty cool and her life is way more exciting than mine so I could use her as a life diversion. You know I love you all the same.

Later on, we went over to visit my newborn nephew. Guys, I have been getting nephews from my mum side. This is my number 6. What you read from books, FB, Twitter and wherever else, about growing boys (age from 2-4) jumping on you, they are true. Imagine this – the boy weighing about 15 kg or so just throws himself at you, unguarded and repeat that 100 times. That’s cardio. You sure you want kids? Still yes!


Welcome to the world Baby Hannan. #nephewnumber6

This baby has sharp features and looks promising – is it in the guide to be a mom that you don’t say these things because all babies are beautiful? Dear Baby Hannan, may Allah always protect you and bless you with happiness as you walk through life. And aunty will be watching and laughing at your kental days that are to come!

The siblings (ok it was just me – I am the only girl in the siblings world so naturally, I am the planner for outings) decided to check out Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the bay. While Trisyia was checking updates on how crowded it was going to be, we told ourselves to brave through it. Turned out, the crowd wasn’t that bad – we got the wind too. So overall, it was a good evening to be with the thousand others.

So my photographer brother and blogger model sister decided to teach us how to take nice vogue photos. Does anyone here besides me who is just terrible at taking photos? It must be my hair – I just cut bangs and lesson learnt (and I never), I should stop getting bangs. Long fringe works better for my face or as Luqman has said it, “it’s time for the veil (hijab)”. Never say never, In Shaa Allah 🙂

We took a thousand shots of me (seems like it) and only ONE turned out decent. ONE. I have 8 months to my wedding to perfect my death-stoned look and after that I can go back to being the catalogue girl that I’m born to be (that self confidence though).


That ONE successful shot. Ok, I need to do something about the veins on my forehead. Actually, nothing can be done.

On Saturday, Luq sang at his friend’s wedding. He did great – many thanks to my his iPad where he saved the song lyrics. Here’s a thing, he has a tendency to forget some words in the songs while singing and I get nervous whenever he does that. But, he could just smile his way out of it. I know right – here I am heart clutching tight and thinking of ways to save him out of the embarrassment – he manages it by smiling. I I mean, we’re $200 richer now. Right, I am his self-proclaimed manager. Manager of life so to speak.

The rest of the weekend was spent with his workmates over bbq food and disgusting-marshmallow-ping-pong-beer game (no we didn’t participate, we just looked with disgust on our judging (lol) faces) and his relative’s wedding.

Some weekend it was. Nonetheless, very thankful and blessed. Ameen.

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