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    colour run sunday

    We managed it. By that, I mean we got out of bed and made it for the run (or walk in my case).

    We had plans to train up for the run but, we always came up with better things to do such as squeezing a midnight massage session before the run and many others. So on the run day itself, I was flat out like a lizard 5 minutes into the run. Homg, I used to be more athletic than this!

    The sun had no mercy on us that day. I was surprised Luq managed the run. I think Keppel is training him up well on the rig. If you know my partner well, he doesn’t stay outdoors not even for 1 minute. I’ve already axed him as my sun tanning buddy. Who am I kidding, my kind of suntanning session is under a shade. So cosy!

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    we’re running the colour run

    Registered and totally psyched! It’s our 2015 resolution to run a marathon. We never got around to sign up for Standard Chartered Marathon or Sundown Marathon. Well I think the distance put me off (oops!).

    But, Colour Run… you have to try it at least once. I heard they had a pretty good after run line up last year. I’m looking forward to this year’s! What do you think about running in a tutu? Cute or stupid? 🙂

    Anyways, we’re thinking of signing up with True Fitness because we can enjoy a good discount (many thanks to AIA Vitality- the least you can do after you deduct from my bank account every month). I don’t really fancy gym memberships but this one is pretty flexible and the price is not as exorbitant. We checked out the classes and they looked pretty cool too- yoga, pilates, dancing…

    Plus, we can stop cracking our brains for date nights. Just head to the gym and join any classes available- brilliant!

    To healthier and happier living 🙂