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    honeymoon shenanigans

    Didn’t we have a great time in San Francisco and Maui?! It was such a great adventure – not quite our first, but still… It took us months to decide on where to go for our honeymoon. I lost count of the number of times we changed our honeymoon destinations – more than 5 times maybe?! It was Luq who suggested Hawaii and I went, “why not?!”

    Seeing that both of us are not exactly your favourite beach people, we decided to add a city destination into the mix. Initially, I wanted to go to NYC but Luq’s been there before, hence, we thought San Francisco wouldn’t be such a bad idea – a city and beach escape – just our kind of holiday!

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    I’m super excited planning this one – well, anything related to travel, really!  My places to go keep changing since 6 months ago – from India to Europe to Japan to New York.

    Oh wells…

    We’ve been travelling to some places together – Hong Kong, London & KL – and Luq has safely concluded that:

    • No coaches because I need the toilet frequently and I’m really choosy with my toilets.
    • No renting an apartment from Airbnb anymore. It needs to be a 5-star hotel (not true!) or I’ll be grumpy and won’t enjoy the trip at all. It was just that one bad experience I had when I was staying in Brixton!
    • I’m not as adventurous as how I used to be so, hiking is off the table for honeymoon.

    I think age is really catching up. I think I mentioned before my travel style is getting too expensive for my pocket!

    As for now, we’re pretty set for Japan – New York – Ibiza. Luq wants to watch the sunset at Ibiza with me before heading back. That would be one of most expensive sunsets I’d be watching!