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    my labour story

    Nothing like in the movies happened to me. My water bag did not break like it did for Charlotte in Sex and the City movie.

    I went for my last appointment on my EDD (17 June) and was still very much pregnant. My cervix was 1cm dilated and I still had a long way to go. I heard the remaining 9cm can take days! Since I was getting very uncomfortable, I decided to get induced.

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    baby essentials (maybe not)

    After spending close to 6 hours at Baby Fair last April, it finally dawned on me that babies are expensive. Thus far, we’ve spent close to $6k which includes pre-delivery medical expenses and baby essentials. We’ve been advised to have at least $10k in savings on the day of delivery (gulps). Don’t worry, I have kept all the expenses in a spreadsheet. When my baby turns 18, I will share the document with him (together with the pregnancy sticks that I peed on when I found out I’m pregnant with him).

    It is normal to be clueless about what to buy since there are so many brands out there to choose from. I mean, do you go for single electric breast pump or double? Which diaper brand to go for? How organic do you want to go when caring for your baby? With all that uncertainties, we just W H A C K E D and hope for the best. Sharing with you some of the things we’ve bought so far:

    Breast pumps

    Some of the brands that I came across are Medela, Philips and Cimilre. Not caring how one brand differs from another (I mean, as long as they pump milk out of boobies that should be okay… right), I went ahead with Philips because it looks compact and portable enough for me not to look like I am carrying a fridge in the future. I decided to buy the single electric breast pump because it makes more sense (to me, at least). I envisioned my baby to be latching on one breast and I could pump on the other – I could be wrong (I will figure it out as I go along). Anyway, I got my single electric breast pump set at $199 with tons of bottles and a couple of pacifiers… so, why not.

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