brunching with the girls (and a baby)

So a lot has changed since we last saw each other. The last time we met up, Amps was still heavily pregnant. We are such good friends that we got the pregnant lady to fly over here for her surprise baby shower. But we were very nice to get all the essential baby stuffs that she needed like breast pads (?). Luckily we had Rhiz who is a mum of a two-year-old toddler to explain it all for us. Such baby noobies we are! The horrifying truth was when Amps was the most clueless of us all. Who’s giving birth again?

This time around, nothing’s changed we still got the newly mum and her baby to fly over to meet us for the weekend. In my defense, this is a good practice for baby Sebi to get acquainted with the airplane you see. We are doing him (and his mum) a favour. Each time I looked at baby Sebi, I couldn’t believe Amps made him. Goodluck, Sebi. Since this was our first ever group outing with a baby, Aish googled for baby friendly cafe and Cafe Melba popped up!

It is a nice, not-on-the-way, must-take-cab kinda resto. I was curious to know what a baby friendly cafe looks like. Basically, it has ramps in some places for the prams to go, a bigger space between tables to fit the prams and a blow up playground at the porch area for the kids while the parents attempt to eat peacefully. Luckily for us, baby Sebi was just over 5 months then. All he could muster was sitting upright on his pram. I can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like when he starts walking and running. Goodluck, Amps. It must be how the stars aligned the night before, baby Sebi slept throughout brunch. He did wake up for a while to say hello to all his crazy aunties. When we started on our food, he just went to sleep looking like an angel with his yoda soft toy (I still don’t get it, why yoda!) next to him.

As always, we had a good time catching up with each other. If there’s anything that I’m thankful for while I worked at Flight Centre, is this friendship I forged with these beautiful girls. They have seen me through my crazy days and my I-am-getting-married days. I won’t lie to you, the latter took them a long while to adjust. Grown up Fath is a grown up Fath. Ha ha di ha ha. 

Here are some pictures from our short brunch outing with the new baby in our family. Be warned, the baby is too cute for any of us to handle.

By the way, the banana walnut pancakes from Cafe Melba is really good. So good that I am craving for it now. I just texted Luq about it and I referred it as that tak halal pancakes. It’s just pancakes so that’s ok (to me). He just ignored me.


Amps’ attempt at wefie using a digicam. Not bad we are all in the frame.


Babies eat anything including their fingers.


One of those pointless conversations we had.


What do you do when you have someone else’s camera? You take your photos for their keepsake.


Sebi just chillin’ with the big guys at Auntie Vim’s place.


So this was a dare that I stupidly took when Amps just gave birth. I told her that I am gonna try her breastmilk. And I did. Disgusting uh? Look at my face!


Uncle Luq came by later in the evening to hang out with Sebi!


Dear Sebi, auntie loves you so much x


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