So I have been reading again. It feels good to be burying myself into books that make me laugh or cry or both at the same time. I don’t know why I stopped though. A few years back, my friend and I had this idea of giving each other a Kindle as a graduation gift (Ok don’t judge, we were probably really bored poring over one lecture note after another! That bound to happen!), maybe that’s the reason!

I didn’t quite enjoy using it to read. First I found it tedious. I’m no techie expert- I mean I know what to do to download a movie because that’s just a necessity- but gosh I JUST WANT TO READ DAMN IT! Second I didn’t get to smell the pages of the book or flick the pages. All I did was tap to the next page. I’m already doing that on my phone. So what fun is there if I need to do it for everything. Third I just couldn’t focus because the steps are tedious, I just found myself downloading multiple books at one time and ended up with not reading all of them. I need to focus.

So my Kindle is tucked somewhere in my room. I should resurrect it sometime soon. Or, give it to my dad. But the problem is, I forgot how to download a book and stuffs. You know what, I even got a nice leather cover to go with it.

Ok back to the point of this post. I’ve started reading again. Just. Like a month ago. I started with my all-time favourite chic lit writer, Sophie Kinsella. I needed an extra pick me up to get by my days at work (good news is they’re numbered). She’s great. She got me back to reading and I owe her one. I will write some book reviews on her website this weekend. She’s clever and funny and I can just imagine what she’s like in person by reading her books. Such a brit-girl crush.

If you’re bored to your wits and need a good humour, try Shopaholic series. It won’t fail you. Trust me 🙂

So I just learnt that Drew Barrymore wrote a book about her life. LIKE OMG! I only knew about this because I watched Ellen with Martha & Drew on cooking segment where Martha just ignored Drew (rude!). Martha congratulated her on her book briefly and I was like, “What book?”.


Wildflower by Drew Barrymore shall be my companion this weekend. I can’t wait to be cosy-ing myself in bed with the book. In reality, you would think I look like those girls on Pinterest/Instagram when I read in bed. No, far from it. I don’t even want to take a snap of it.

Oh right, I rushed through my packed lunch (Thanks mum! Note: Keep praising her food so she will be more pleased to cook lunches for me) this afternoon so that I could travel to Bugis to buy the book at Kino. All that within 60 minutes. Okay, it actually was longer because I stopped by Pazzion to try out potential wedding shoes. Found something that I like at a steal!

I have a book list already… Next: Bringing up bébé.

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