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I can smell my birthday weekend already – yes it’s that time of year!

So according to the love of my life (i.e. Luq in case you don’t know), I should expect nothing. That’s exactly what I did last year and I got a ring. I’m more than happy to expect nothing this year *insert cheeky smile* Anyway, I want to talk about birthdays. I learnt about its importance in this relationship of mine.


Taken on his birthday this year.

I am not big on birthdays until I met Luq. Birthdays – another year, another cake, another wrinkle, and I should stop. There was once I remember, when I was a little girl and when phones in offices were shared, I would call up my dad’s office and asked to speak to Mr Abdul Talib (my mum said that it had to be full name – god it’s hard to forgive her sometimes) to remind him to get my birthday cake. I was so good at reminding that I would call up not once, not twice but a good five times to make sure he didn’t forget to get that Christmas log cake from Swensens. God bless me. I never get to ask for birthday parties with friends because I was born in friggin’ December – who would remember my birthday in January when school reopened? So birthdays have always been fairly simple for me – presents which I shamelessly asked from my parents (this involved serious letter writing. dear ayah, …) and a cake if I was lucky.

Fun fact: my older brother shares the same birthday as me. I was a thoroughly planned baby. I am still my brother’s favourite birthday present. Growing up, I hardly celebrated my birthdays alone until we were much older where I spent most of my birthdays not in Singapore.

It was only about 5 months since we’ve been going out. Luq’s birthday falls on 26 July. I asked him what would he like for his birthday. He said that he didn’t want anything just some quality time with me. So I thought LOOK AT MY FUTURE HUSBAND HE JUST WANTS TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH ME HOW AMAZINGLY EASY. I asked him again nearer to his birthday to be doubly sure, still the same response. So I planned nothing on his birthday – the first we were spending as an item – just got him a cake (he had to even share the cake with Trisyia) and a card (I can’t make cards but I sure know to pick the good ones).

When he got home, he sent me a text expressing how upset he was that I really didn’t plan anything for his birthday. He wasn’t asking much but maybe a present or two. I was like, “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”. Of course I felt guilty but that’s not what you said ha-ha-di-ha-ha. I thought he really didn’t want anything for his birthday. I told him that you kinda need to be very literal with me – I refuse to read between the lines but I am getting better at this now. So the next day, we went out for waffles at November 8 and a month later, I surprised him to a Terrarium workshop and a perfume from Chanel as his birthday present.

As days, weeks and a year passed, I learnt more about him especially the part about birthdays. It is indeed the one day that he can make it ALL ABOUT him. Smart boy, because every other day is about me.

Got me thinking how we’ll be spending our kids’ birthdays in the future. Woah lucky kids, both parents are taking this birthday business very seriously.

Happy birthday to me (soon enough!)


On my birthday last year where he proposed to me! Ok my hair grew longer.

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    You guys got tgt in Feb ? Hahaha from one girl to another girl.

    December 17, 2015 at 7:01 pm
    • Reply fath

      Yups, right about that time. How else would he find me, right? Lol!

      December 17, 2015 at 7:09 pm

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