back in barcelona

Today was officially declared bed-in day. Man, I needed that. Staying with Xavier and Pilar in their lovely house. I love how cosy the house is; messy bookshelves, photo frames everywhere, blankets on the couch and the white-bricked walls. (photos up soon, I can’t be arsed to dig for my camera from the luggage). I’ve finally completed my Spanish workbook- that took way too long! Looking for someone to practice Spanish with online or in person, whichever. So, if you want to see bad spanish sentences, write to me: You will be humored for sure.

Stayed up late last night with Xavier and Pilar talking about the history of Europe and why 2014 is an important year for Catalonia. It was slightly confusing, but having to travel to parts of Spain and learn about the invasions (many to name!) did help a lot. I saw this book on tv last night- Catalonia Calling- maybe, I should get that to start with.

Didn’t do much today (wait, did nothing) ‘cept for catching up with my best friends in Singapore through Whatsapp and liking more cat pages on Facebook.

Hope you guys are having a good mid-week xxx

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