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After spending close to 6 hours at Baby Fair last April, it finally dawned on me that babies are expensive. Thus far, we’ve spent close to $6k which includes pre-delivery medical expenses and baby essentials. We’ve been advised to have at least $10k in savings on the day of delivery (gulps). Don’t worry, I have kept all the expenses in a spreadsheet. When my baby turns 18, I will share the document with him (together with the pregnancy sticks that I peed on when I found out I’m pregnant with him).

It is normal to be clueless about what to buy since there are so many brands out there to choose from. I mean, do you go for single electric breast pump or double? Which diaper brand to go for? How organic do you want to go when caring for your baby? With all that uncertainties, we just W H A C K E D and hope for the best. Sharing with you some of the things we’ve bought so far:

Breast pumps

Some of the brands that I came across are Medela, Philips and Cimilre. Not caring how one brand differs from another (I mean, as long as they pump milk out of boobies that should be okay… right), I went ahead with Philips because it looks compact and portable enough for me not to look like I am carrying a fridge in the future. I decided to buy the single electric breast pump because it makes more sense (to me, at least). I envisioned my baby to be latching on one breast and I could pump on the other – I could be wrong (I will figure it out as I go along). Anyway, I got my single electric breast pump set at $199 with tons of bottles and a couple of pacifiers… so, why not.

Breast pads and breast milk storage bags (disposable)

The breast pads look like the cotton pads I use to remove my make up. Good thing I found an alternative use for them in case I don’t leak as much. We bought 4 boxes (30 pads in each box) and got extra from the aunty at the cashier who happily just chucked a handful into our shopping bag. I tell you it’s Luqman’s face… he has an aunty-killer face.

We also bought 6 packs of storage bags to store my breast milk. After I’m done with this batch, I am planning to buy the normal plastic bag with red/green string to cut back. Kidding…not! There are 25 bags in each pack thus in total, I have 150 bags to store my breast milk – that’s 27 litres of milk. Gonna be milkin’ likka cow.

Since I got my breast pump set from Philips, I decided to get them from there too.

Foldable bathtub

Since we are tight on space at my parent’s place, we have to think of storage when it comes to buying bulky items such as bathtub. We know that Stokke has the foldable bathtub which Luqman’s niece is using. We scouted around for other cheaper bathtubs that fold the same way but, couldn’t find any! Most of them fold up horizontally and that takes up space. Mothercare is retailing Stokke Flexi Bath at $74.90 not including the infant support ($28.90)! We decided to look up for it on Carousell. Lucky enough, some dude was selling his which was used once at $55 including the infant support. This is my way of not spoiling the kid too much and buy hand-me-down items for him. Ha ha di ha ha!

Foldable baby cot

Baby cots can cost up to an arm and a leg. The worst part is the baby may not even want to sleep in it! Initially, we wanted to buy one from Ikea but, they don’t have the foldable ones. We wanted it to be foldable because it will be easier for storage in the future when the baby doesn’t need it anymore. Finally, we bought Luna Mini Folding Crib from the Baby Fair at $239. It is exactly what we were looking for: small, compact, foldable and reasonably priced. We also got a take-along mobile that can be attached on both the stroller and the baby cot. It costed us $49.90 so, it should better last us until our third kid. We also bought a bedding set with animal prints (squeals) for the cot at $99.90. The bedding set comes with 1 fitted sheet, 1 comforter, 2 bolsters, 1 pillow and 2 bumpers.

Baby carrier

This was one of the easier ones to buy because both of us knew what we wanted. Seeing how Luqman’s niece sits comfortably in her Ergobaby 360, we didn’t even bother exploring other options. Moreover, we’ve seen so many parents out there using this brand so it must be good… right? The only thing we debated on was whether to get the mesh material ($305) or the non-mesh material ($269). It supposedly helps to keep the baby cooler for longer. In the future, he cannot complain when I ask him to carry the baby since I let him choose the baby carrier. We got both the mesh material carrier and the infant insert ($49.90) at 15% discount!


I foresee that the only time we will be using the stroller is when we travel. Moreover, the malls in Singapore aren’t exactly stroller-friendly. I think using a baby carrier would be enough since we have the car to get around. I was pretty set to get a travel-friendly stroller i.e. not bulky and cabin-friendly. This rationale did not float by my husband at all. He had his eyes on Stokke Xplory and was willing to pay for it. Since it’s expensive, I told him to wait until the baby is born so we would get the one that he’s most comfortable in. Well that did not happen, did it?

We made a trip to Mothercare on one Saturday afternoon to survey other strollers. He instantly lit up when he saw Stokke Xplory in the store. He was testing the wheels, the seat, the handle and at the same time, trying to convince me that the stroller could be easily folded too. Well… being pregnant hasn’t made me the most reasonable person on the planet and what more with all the hormones charging through my system, I ended up agreeing to buy the world’s most bulkiest stroller ever. After making the payment, I had to convince myself that this was the best purchase ever. Stokke Xplory is retailing at Mothercare for $1,999 (I know, what the fudge).

Meet my new travel companion. Who’s travelling light these days eh?

When you’ve bought an expensive stroller, you would definitely need a reliable storage bag when you travel with it. The next day, I googled how to travel with Stokke Xplory. Guess what? Stokke is innovative enough to come out with the PramPack to protect your stroller when you travel. Moreover, it is airline approved and can fit any stroller. Mothercare is retailing the Stokke PramPack at $399. Of course, that’s absolutely ridiculous and we’re not that crazy. We got a brand new one from Carousell at $240 (such a win).

We also bought smaller items like diapers, baby rompers and baby wipes from the Baby Fair. We were advised not to buy them in bulks just in case they are not suitable for the baby. That all being said, we are (kinda) ready for the baby’s arrival. I even started doing his laundry today (finally)!

Dear Baby A, you can pop any day now. We got this!

To all mummies-to-be, enjoy your pregnancy (and the baby shopping)!

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