“b, my bank account is being hacked!”

I checked my bank transactions on my mobile last week and came across multiple transactions that looked pretty dubious to me – Network for Electronic Transfers. There you go, no merchant names, nothing. This raised all kinds of flags, no?

I quickly texted Luqman and told him in a frantic that my bank account is hacked. He told me to call up the bank to check and I did.

First call with DBS bank:

“Hi, my name is Fathiah and I would like to check in detail about this transaction that happened on (insert date). The transaction happened not only once, but thrice over a course of 3-4 weeks. I’m checking if my account is being hacked”

“Please hold on a moment, ma’am. Before I proceed, I need to ask you some questions for verification purposes”

(After passing the verification process)

“Ma’am you need to check the details (exact date, amount, card) of the transactions on desktop. You cannot view it from your mobile”

“Okay, can’t you do it from your system? I’m outside” (I wasn’t, I was whaling in bed)

“No ma’am, I can’t” (Firstly, stop calling me ma’am because you just added 10 years to my age. Secondly, you newbies annoy me)

I got annoyed, of course and told him I would call in again later after I logged into my desktop.

Second call with DBS bank:

(Skipping the whole introduction and verification process)

“Ms Fathiah, can you tell me the exact date that the transaction was made”

“Sure, the last transaction was made (insert date) and the amount is $7.65”

“What’s the name of the transaction”

(I thought to myself, “this guy seems to know what he’s doing”)

“Network for Electronic Transfers”

“Hmmm, for this type of transaction, you need to be physically present to make it. I will check which merchant it was made from. Please give me a moment”

4 minutes later…

“Ms Fathiah, this transaction was made at McDonald’s at 8.34 am”

After I told Luqman about what happened, his only reply was, “your dubious transactions were made at McDonald’s”.

Better be safe than sorry, guys.

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