around sant cugat

Only one of the most quaintest towns I’ve been to. It’s only 30 mins away from the city centre by train (2.80 euros per way). Such a good place to wind down after traveling to the other main cities in Spain. So, as difficult as it was to get myself out of bed (I could toss and turn for 2 hours!), I managed to leave home at 5 in the afternoon.  Went to town which was only 10 mins walk from home – perfect for me! Did a little bit of shopping. Here, you’ll find private labels instead of the usual Zara and Mango.  I’m going slightly overboard with sweaters and beanies knowing that I would never ever ever wear them in Singapore. PLUS, the store displays with Christmas lights were just calling out to me…. Just had to enter and spend. Anyway, Christmas lights are finally up! Starting to feel a lot like Christmas right now.

Picture time! (photos taken by my iPhone 5 and edited using vsco cam)

The store display… Christmas is coming to town.

Patisserie. They are everywhere in Europe. One of the many reasons I love Europe.

Don’t you just love it?

Yeah, I can be on that couch for hours.

Fell in love with their home. So homey.

It’s finally Friday.. not that I’m keeping track but, for many others who are looking forward to the weekends!
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