an island getaway

It felt like forever since I took off on a plane. My last trip was to Hong Kong in July which wasn’t too long ago but, well you know 2 months is a pretty long record for me. I’m quite positive that the travel bug has hit me… again. Thankfully, I have a work trip in mid-September. Not the kind of break I am rooting for but, that works. Just being away from tiny, tiny Singapore.

If you ask me to pick between an island getaway or a city getaway, chances are I will choose the latter. But, you know once in a while, it would be nice just to get away from the sounds of traffic, humans shuffling, scoffing and what have you and relax by the water and listen to the crashes of the waves. Maybe, a nice book would come in handy too 😛

Went to Krabi with others from the trade for a seminar last May. The delegates from Thailand were very kind to organize a half day island tour for us. It was lovely to spend a weekday away from the office and enjoy the natural surroundings that you can’t find in Singapore. I can vouch for Thailand to have one of the best islands in the world. We went to Hong Island for a bit and I could see fishes swimming in the clear blue/green water. Had some hair blowin’ sesh on the speedboat before I got seasick.

Okay, I should be planning for my next weekend getaway NOW. Where to?

Some pictures from the trip (didn’t have to edit much to be honest):





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