against time

We are always fighting against time. More often than not, we regret sleeping past midnight when we wake up the next day. We even came out with a schedule of when we should meet up in the week. But not last Tuesday. After having so many late nights for the last few weeks, my body finally caved. I texted Luq in the morning telling him that we will not let time laugh at us. We are going to be smarter than time. We are gonna plan our day.

Luq was all ears. He’s up for anything that would allow him more time to sleep – anything! It went like this:

“We’re gonna be smart today”
“Why is that baby?”
“Time is probably having a good laugh at us. We’re gonna be smart today. We will go to Ikea to quickly get my snake and then we get a quick dinner. So make sure you have a very filling lunch. Then you send me home by 8:30”
“Let’s get our game on”

I am so proud that we followed through our plan. This is quite an achievement for us because most times, we just followed our hearts and thought that we have all the time in the world. It was a good feeling beating time. Both of us had some extra sleep and woke up slightly less grumpy the next day. We totally have separation anxiety.

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