mount tamborine

Right after my conference in Brisbane, my team and I went for a short road trip to Mount Tamborine. The last road trip I had was in Jordan hence, it was just nice to be hitting the road again after a while. Gary was the dedicated driver for the trip and I have to admit, he did quite marvelously. Although, there were times where he freaked out because the GPS recalculated the route – poor me, I had to deal with his outbursts.

The drive up the mountain was looooong and winding. It took us about 45 minutes to drive up from the small town at the foot of the mountain. You would see vineyards along the way, cows feeding on grass and wallabies by the roadside abiding some traffic rules. We had a tiny weeny incident with a wallaby (oops!) and Gary screamed the loudest (no surprises there!). But, we thought that the wallaby might have managed to escape because there wasn’t any feet or hands stuck in any tyre!

We had the pleasure of staying at O’ Reilly ‘s Rainforest Retreat for one night. The 2-bedroom villa we got was spacious with a jacuzzi in the balcony! Such a pity we didn’t have time to unwind in the tub with the amazing view. The villa is equipped with a kitchen which makes it absolutely fun for family holidays! I was contemplating to propose this for my family holiday in autumn (oh I don’t do summers, and funny how I’m living in a country blessed with sunshine throughout the year!).

You must check out their Discovery Program where you can enjoy free activities such as Bird Watching & Feeding, Glow Worm Tour and more. This has already been included in accommodation package so, they are free for you to enjoy! We went for Glow Worm Tour in the night and wow, it was phenomenal. It was about 10-minute jeep ride to the forested area from our villa and another 20-minute walk in the rainforest before we could witness the natural torch in the forest. It was like twinkles in the sky.

There are many other activities for kids like flying fox too. So, this place is great for family vacation and you can even enjoy a BBQ evening in the balcony – how convenient. Although, please take note that the nearest supermarket is about 45 minutes downhill from the villa. So you might want to prep yourself with kitchen essentials before hitting the drive up!


The spacious living room


The kitchen


The view from the balcony


This is one of the free activities in the resort


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