3 girls, a friendship and a missed flight … oh hello hua hin!

Oh hello! It’s been a while since I last blogged. I guess there were a lot of things happening – good and bad – all at the same time that I didn’t manage to squeeze some time to type here. I’ve missed blogging (ranting to be exact). At the moment, I am dealing with a (mini) long distance relationship with my man while he is off working in Bintan for the week. Yes, he shipped himself to the neighbouring island in the name of work leaving me here.

Anyway, I just came back from a surprised birthday vacation. Diah, the Queen of surprises in my life, always has something up her sleeves for my and Sha’s birthday. I happened to be just a day older than Sha making it Diah’s worst living nightmare. And seeing how both Sha and I are getting married this year (just two weeks apart … again, poor D), she named this The Last Single Girls trip.

So it all started with trying to pull this surprise with the help of our beloved partners which turned out to be the opposite of helpful. Diah decided that the only person she could rely on was actually herself. It’s okay D, I’m known to spoil all Luq’s attempts to surprise me on my birthday. So at our birthday dinner in late January (talk about belated birthday celebration heh), D gave us her version of boarding pass which has no destination and dates. See, trust her to keep you in suspense. We decided on the dates and not knowing where we would be going which killed Sha because she just enjoys knowing things and spoiling the surprise for herself (still love you).

The trip started (un)expectedly with me causing us to miss our flight. Talk about a dramatic start to the trip! Expected because this is such a typical Fath thing to do. I thought I’ve learnt my lesson… I guess not yet. I saw the timing of our flight wrong. I saw it as 7:40 am when it was actually 7:20 am. That twenty minutes made such a huge difference. I was only leaving home at 6:30 am. $285 and McDonald’s brekkie later, we were on our way to Bangkok. While casually talking and walking, Diah accidentally slipped the secret destination. Ha ha di ha ha, secrets are meant to be told!

When we reached Bangkok airport, god knows how hungry we were. We were frantically looking for our driver who was going to take us to Hua Hin which was a good 3-hour drive from Bangkok. We combed every inch of the waiting areas and no ‘Nadiah Salam’ appeared on any boards. While waiting, I saw this particular board with ‘Hua Hin Let’s Sea Resort’ on it. But D told us to look for her name or Loligo Resort. Ok fine, I kept searching. Close to 45 minutes later, we were still stuck at the airport with no driver and Diah called the resort. They told her that the driver is already waiting for her at the airport. Then, I heard someone shouting “Hua Hin Let’s Sea Resort” and I turned to D asking her what’s the name of our resort again. To which she replied, ” Loligo, Let’s Sea Resort”. Girls on holidays, just leave us alone.


No sunset in the background but we still have to take a group shot.

We arrived in the early evening around 5 pm. The sun was still out (oh have mercy), so we cooped ourselves in our room with two queen-sized beds for a bit to freshen up. Honestly, how big do you think we are (ok don’t answer)? We could easily squeeze ourselves in ONE queen-sized bed (lol!). Our hotel was rather quiet with us being one of the few guests around and I quite liked that fact. I loved that we had a balcony in our room too. We only hung out there 1 hour before checking out. Other than that, we used the area to dry our clothes. Our mums taught us well. That’s right.


First pit stop : Hua Hin Railway Station. It was scotching hot and I swear I could easily fry an egg on my head!


That feels… y’know?

Our hotel (Loligo Resort Hua Hin) was just a few minutes away from the beach. Hence, we decided to catch the sunset only to realise that the sun would be setting in the opposite direction, but no hal (direct translation: don’t worry). We caught the sunrise on our last day – we woke up at 6 am for this! When you travel with 2 other girls, get ready to take a lot of photos. We had fun with boomerang too which we couldn’t get enough of. There was one of me doing ballet in the water – graceful, I was. The beach was somewhat mediocre. I won’t lie to you – ain’t Maldives right there. But I guess just being away from bustling city of Singapore was by itself, a great escapade.


The majestic beauty of nature. Woke up super early for this.

We weren’t adventurous on food on this trip either. On our first night, we dined in the next door resort’s resto because walking was hard work. We had dinner while facing the big, big sea. It was dark and to be honest my view was a pitch black of nothingness, but the sound of waves was soothing. On our second night, after battling the heat in afternoon, we just settled in for cup noodles while watching Hot Pursuit on teevee. Don’t worry, we judged ourselves and got over it. It was totally the heat guys.

Anyway, Hua Hin isn’t quite the place where you would go on your own without slitting your wrist. You really need to go there with the right company to enjoy your stay there. It’s a vast difference from Bangkok where you can just be on your own and still enjoy the city. But if you are looking for a quiet hideout, then this place is just for you. The Thais in Hua Hin are not as advanced as the ones in Bangkok. For one, we found it hard to communicate with them. Whereas in Bangkok they can understand the gist of what you are saying and getting around was a lot easier.


Eh hi guys, is it we at Santorini, Greece?


I think the sun fried their brains. This is a pointless photo of the girls in Puss’s boots. IS IT WE AT SWITZERLAND?


Took this photo for Luq because y’know… IT’S A CAR!


New pet idea, Luq? 🙂

There are cool places to visit there. We went to Santorini Park and Swiss Sheep Farm and had a ball of time. They have these little famous cities in Europe there which looked so much like it (just minus the hellish weather). There was nothing much at Santorini Park except pretty backgrounds and corners for #ootd. While at Swiss Sheep Farm, we developed this liking for Alpacas and planning to rear one or two of our own (Sha, not us). But their cuteness is undeniable – cuter than all our cats combined! We found a little Italy there too which totally called for #ootd. So you can imagine our photo album for this trip.


Yup, I totally just flew to Italy in a matter of minutes for this shot.


I remember how crazy I was about little wooden doors like this in Port de la Selva. Of course, we must take one photo together with it.

The other places that are cool for #ootd are Hua Hin Railway Station and Vintage Market. By the time we arrived at Vintage Market (last pit stop), our energy level just dropped to zero. We had mochi ice cream which was refreshing in the hot, hot weather. I had Milk Tea which was average. I liked the Strawberry flavour one way better.


Cute shop concept at our hotel. This is definitely D’s kitchen in the future. I won’t even have a kitchen.

To both of you,

This trip pretty much marked our decade old friendship too. I can’t be any more thankful than I am right now to have you girls in my life. We certainly had our ups and downs in this 10-year old friendship. But thank you for sticking around through it all (I mean it, through it all). I guess when you grow older, you learn to be grateful for the people that choose to stay in your life. And these people don’t come easy. You made a choice to stay and all I can do is show my gratitude as much as I can. So thank you for being the constant in my life. I love you both, all-ways and always 🙂 And of course, thanks D for this all-expense paid surprise trip! 

Love, me

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