Hello 2014!

I have moved from blogspot to wordpress for the fun of it. Thankfully, I didn’t have that many posts to begin with- phew!

I hope everyone had a great start to the year. 2014 seems promising and can’t wait to start on the projects that Trisyia and I have planned!

#1 Revamping of my room. We’ll be hunting for bed soon- how exciting! We’re thinking of changing the colour of my room too. I’m opting for cool colours this time around. My room is in a bad, bad shape after being hit by the annual rooftop leakage that destroyed ALL my travel magazines. Looking for some inspirations for the room deco too. We’re still finalising our project timeline. Hopefully, we can manage to complete this by May/June. We even started a kitty for this project- dedication!

#2 The lounge area outside my room. Gonna make it very cosy for movie nights. I want to want to come home every day!

#3 Cuba trippin’ for Amp’s wedding in April- this is gonna cost me but, it’s gonna be such a beautiful wedding! Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Hoping to make a stopover somewhere, Canada maybe? Let’s see!

#4 I have ditched her too many times so, this year Trisyia and I are saving up for our year end trip- sisters’ trippin’! We’re still deciding on the destination. NEW YORK! NEW YORK! NEW YORK!

I’m going to make the best of 2014 and learn to love every bit of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 2013 had been a great one and with that, I’m welcoming 2014.

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