yoga with my bae

We made it out alive after our Yoga Beginners Class 1. To be absolutely honest with you, it wasn’t as intensifying as I hoped for it to be. But, it was alright.  We created a weekly routine and it felt good to have something to look forward to (most times). Luq and I wanted to try something new to do together and I am glad we enjoyed going for yoga. Even though we got competitive with each other, we managed not to bite each other head’s off after class.

At first, I was very conscious of how I would be in class. Doing yoga while facing a full length and width mirror requires some kind of high level self-confidence please. At times , I would steal some glances to see if Luq was looking at me and making funny faces but no, he was seriously in the game. He is definitely making yoga his thing which I find endearing. It didn’t take a lot to convince him to try yoga with me. All I needed to do was use my if-not-you-then-who card. Easy- works all the time for almost anything. Yes, I do appreciate him joining me and do funny poses in the name of core muscles stretching for the last 10 weeks.

Let’s just say I have been able to stretch in places that I never knew existed. Sitting in the office for long hours every day is causing me some muscle aches on my upper and lower back constantly. While going for massages help relief the pain, it’s a temporary measure and I needed something to fix this problem. Plus, massages are not cheap these days. I remember the days when I would pay $50 each week for 1 hour full body massage at Telok Ayer – what was I even thinking? So I’m really glad that yoga has helped me find a more permanent solution moreover, I can self-meditate at home in my own free time – MONEY SAVER!

Anyway, yoga has funny names for different poses. Luq thought he heard the Downward Dog position as Dumbledore position. I mean, come on! Now, I can’t be doing that pose without thinking about this. When I asked him why Dumbledore of all names, he replied with, “I don’t know yoga seems harry potter-ish to me”. Like which part?!

We will definitely be signing up for Yoga Beginners Class 2. Had a preview of what it would look like yesterday – looks like we’ll be in for a treat! Definitely an activity to try with your partner if you are looking for one!

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