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Spent our Sunday morning running at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I read from one rubbish website- I think Thought Catalogue- that couple who stays fit together, stays together forever. So, why not! We are learning to lead a healthier lifestyle by substituting Prata Sundays (we had it once and wanted to make it a thing but…) with morning runs on Sundays. You see, Luq’s work schedule is cray and I have been very understanding about him working over the weekends (I know right!) so, it gets really convenient to blame him for my lack of striving a balanced lifestyle.

I say things like, “You la, work on Sundays. So I can’t run on Sundays” and, I’m sure there are more. No, I don’t like running without him. Don’t even bother suggesting that because I am prepared with a list of excuses. My point is, I need my running partner on Sundays. This message is pointing towards Keppel FELS.

So while Luq was training for his 100m sprint (oh yes, he is participating for Keppel Games in November I think), I was jogging around the track with no iPod. What a crime! I have already requested to get an advanced birthday present from him (I asked for iPod Nano because so many of my other iPods have died on me), but he didn’t budge even after I pleaded! I ran about… to be honest, it felt like 5km but, it was only about 2.4km. I will get better in time if Luq is not working next week- it all depends on him!

Ok guys, stay fit and healthy so you don’t feel guilty gorging that cheese burger that’s been haunting you!

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